Current trends for dating

The current trends in dating are based on some key factors, and here is a look at them. These trends include Open relationships, Therapy, and AI-based match-making apps.

Open relationships

Open relationships are gaining popularity and are now more prevalent than ever. However, they are still not mainstream and may not be right for everyone. Several factors have influenced the increased interest in non-monogamous relationships.

One reason for the trend is the rise of online dating. Dating apps such as OkCupid have seen a big spike in open relationships. These relationships include both friends-with-benefits relationships and occasional flings.

Open relationships are often viewed as taboo in certain cultures, but they are a growing trend. They are also a way to spice up your relationship. In addition to the benefits of the relationship itself, open relationships can help make you happier and more sexually satisfied.

According to a study, more than half of singles have fallen in love with someone they didn’t initially want to date. This includes millennials, Gen Z, and Baby Boomers.

AI-based match-making apps

AI-based match-making apps are among the hottest trends in the dating industry. These apps use artificial intelligence to detect dubious profiles and provide real-time intelligence about the users. They also help to enhance communication between matches.

One of the newest AI-based dating apps is the Artificial Intelligence Matchmaker (AIMM). It’s a real-world dating app that helps people meet and chat with other singles.

The app uses the latest in facial recognition and conversational design to guide users through the process. As they communicate with one another, it helps set up phone calls and gives advice on the first date. After a date, the person gets a callback from the AIMM, who gives them feedback.

Another AI-based matchmaking app, DNA Romance, links user DNA with their personality data to recommend a compatible partner. A user can send a saliva sample and have the app analyze it.

Therapy is cool for dating

Dating someone who goes to therapy can be challenging. But, it’s not all bad. Aside from helping you work through your personal issues, a therapist can also help you better understand your partner. They can provide emotional support and give you some interesting tidbits about human psychology.

Therapists also make patients feel safe and secure. In addition to their expertise in the field, therapists are also expressive and fun to be around. And, while the therapist’s role is important, the relationship between the therapist and the patient is often the deciding factor in a successful outcome.

One of the most appealing aspects of a therapist is that they are trained to understand and empathize with their patients. They are also able to analyze problems, find solutions, and offer advice based on their experiences.


The sex-positive movement has been growing and has become an important component in our culture. The movement advocates for comprehensive sexual health education, continuous sexual health information, and age-appropriate sexual health care.

However, the sex-positive movement is not without its critics. For instance, it has been criticized for its lack of pragmatic implementation. Also, many of its campaigns have been viewed as offensive in various contexts.

This is despite the fact that sex positivity has been around for years. One of its first iterations focused on power dynamics. It also emphasizes the importance of a person’s sexual well-being and comfort.

Historically, sex has been constructed as problematic and taboo. Moreover, sex is often associated with a stigma towards women. In addition, many societies discourage sexual abstinence.

However, there are also several studies that have proposed new treatment options. A study conducted by Brickman and Willoughby (2017) found that young adults react positively to positive messages. They analyzed quantitative data, based on young adults’ responses to sex-related text messages.