Latest trends about dating apps

With the pandemic changing everyone’s way of living and making most of our interactions with others online, there has been a boost in the use of online dating applications and platforms. Apps like Bumble, Tinder, OkCupid have reported a rising number of users in 2020 and a gradual increase in 2021 with global installments soaring due to the loosening up of COVID-19 restrictions. Because of this boom, the ‘new normal’ that stemmed from the pandemic has also altered the dating scene. So here are some of the current trends that shape the dating scene post-pandemic.

‘Are you vaxxed?’

Due to the rapid spread of the virus and its toll to the people, many individuals have become health-conscious and made it a mandatory requirement before a date to be vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine. But aside from the COVID-19 vaccine, the pandemic has also raised awareness in other transmittable diseases that can be contracted from meeting other people such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). With the raised awareness for these, people have now been very critical of the people they meet and require proof that their date is STD-free and is also vaxxed. Even Tucson escorts who try to get clients via online dating apps also follow this standard when meeting new clients.

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Political leaning

Aside from the standard with regards to vaccination status, political beliefs has now also become one of the top priorities of online daters when considering to swipe left or right on a profile in the online dating apps. Since your political beliefs also impact your personal values, many people really prefer dates that match their beliefs in order to avoid any conflict in the future and petty fights caused by supporting opposing political parties. 

Slow dating

Since most communications during the pandemic were limited to online means, ‘slow dating’ has become very common among partners who met online. Many users in online dating have claimed to be more inclined in getting more meaningful conversations than just collecting as many dates as possible like an escort. By prioritizing quality over quantity, many users have been making the active effort of being a better person and trying to have a personality that is interesting. 

VR dates

Aside from texting or video calls, VR dates have also been made possible due to the creation of the Metaverse. Partners can meet up in a virtual room and be immersed in the AI environment by using virtual reality (VR) equipment. VR gadgets have been available commercially for a while, but the rise in activities done online has helped the rise of VR products.

In conclusion

Trends, as much as it is current, will also fade away in time when a new trend has been created by the current generation. Truly enough, the pandemic has changed our lives for both better and for the worse. Better in the sense that we got to know more about ourselves and what we need, and worse with the fact that we had to limit our interactions purely online that have caused some people their mental health.